Travelport My Learning

A single sign on direct to the My Learning system from ASKTravelport.

To access Travelport MyLearning simply visit the ASKTravelport home page , and then click on the Travelport MyLearning link that you will see on the right hand side towards the bottom in the Discover Travelport box as shown below

Description: C:\Users\Hazim\Desktop\01.png

The Welcome page or Home page provides access to training, profiles, events calendar and transcripts. You can search, request or launch training and tasks from this page.


Instead of searching for complicated activity codes they will be able to click around a very easy to use training catalogue. So lots of positive changes.


Travelport MyLearning Getting Started

View Travelport MyLearning video
Watch this short video to learn more about the capabilities of a new learning platform that will help to keep you moving, learning and selling.