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Galileo Smart Point

helps you achieve immediate productivity gains, reduce costs and improve your customer service. It makes the lives of your agents easier and strengthens your most valuable assets – your existing people and technology.

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Travelport Mobile Agent

With Travelport Mobile Agent, an iOS and Android™ mobile application, you can interact with your Galileo system anytime, anywhere through your iPhone®, iPad®, or other smartphone or tablet computer that uses Android.

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Travelport APIS Manager

APIS SSR Manager is a value added product within the Travelport portfolio. Access to download
the software will be provided by the customer’s sales representative. The application can be
used on group and non-group PNR’s as well as on active and *passive segments. It has been
developed to support the SSR changes for DOCO DOCA and DOCS on the Galileo system.

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welcome to flyjordan

Welcome to flyjordan, the only Exclusive agent for Travelport - Galileo in Jordan, Galileo Jordan is the National Distribution Department in Royal Jordanian Airline dedicated to serving the Jordanian Travel & Tourism sector.

Where are we Now?

  • Local People Global Technology in compatible with latest industry Intl standards,
  • Unique private secured network
  • Strong brand & image
  • Proactive mechanism for expected airline Industry changes

Our strength:

  • knowledgably managing our aviation business by our distinguished Human Resources
  • Strong Brand Name/Image/Reputation
  • Widely recognized market leader ally
  • Propriety technology
  • Cost advantages
  • Superior products performance
  • Industry awareness

Galileo System connects more than 67,000 travel agencies around the globe with:

  • Over 400 airlines
  • More than 90,000 hotels
  • 75 car rental companies
  • All major cruise lines

We are committed to keeping you up-to-date and you can count on Galileo, the best central reservation system in the World.  And you can rely on Galileo Jordan to offer you the outstanding support and service that has come to be our hallmark.